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Window Cleaning

Shining bright windows are not a dream anymore

Squeaky clean windows reflecting the sunlight – does this not instantly uplift the image and status of your home or office? Clean windows are symbols of a well-maintained building. Mere soap and water are not enough if you want windows that shine like mirrors. Cleaning windows is a complicated procedure involving numerous cleaning tools & equipment. Besides, if a tall building is in question, the task becomes risky too. Without the aid of a professional company, maintaining windows of a high-rise commercial building or even a home is next to impossible.

What is professional window cleaning?

Professional window cleaning is the process of cleaning & polishing architecture glass– be it a window, a decorative structure or light-reflecting equipment on a building.

Tools & Equipment for Professional Window Cleaning

A scrubber and some soap and water may be enough to clean your kitchen or drawing room window. But professional window cleaning requires the use of technical equipment.

Chamois – It is used to loosen the dirt & debris on the windows.

Scrim – It is a type of thin, loosely woven cloth used to dry-polish the surface of windows before application of water or cleaning solutions.

Squeegee – After using a cleaning solution on the glass, water needs to be applied in a sliding motion to increase the efficiency of the cleaner. A squeegee is used for the purpose. It is also used to rinse away the dirt & dust with water.

Water spraying poles – De-ionised water is the best for cleaning windows. Poles fitted with sprayers & brushes are used to spray de-ionised water on glass surfaces to clean them.

Types of equipment for cleaning windows of high-rises

Cleaning windows and glass structures on tall buildings is a high-risk job. Professional window cleaners are no less than superheroes as they literally have to hang in mid-air to clean the windows of the top floors. However, professionals use various kinds of safety gears & equipment for the purpose.

Ladders – When it comes to cleaning windows of the first or second floors, ladders are enough for the job.

Scaffoldings – Temporary structures or scaffoldings support the cleaner when it comes to cleaning the windows higher up on the building. Scaffoldings are built on the ground & rise up to a certain height.

Suspended platforms – Also known as cradles, these structures hang from the roof of a building. Suspended platforms can be raised or lowered using motors & ropes.

Boatswain’s Chair – It is a single seat suspended from the roof of a building. It supports only one cleaner and can be lowered & raised using ropes.

In spite of the use of specialized cleaning apparatus like the ones mentioned above, high-rise window cleaners are always at a risk of slipping and falling. Thus a window cleaner has to be a professionally trained individual who knows how to do his job and keep himself safe at the same time. However, with the passing day, more & more technology & automation backed processes are being introduced for the job.

Only a reliable cleaning company can give you technology-backed sparkling clean windows while following the best standards of safety.

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