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High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Water Cleaning Services Sydney – To remove the toughest stains

There are some kinds of dirt that can’t be removed with skill or formulae. The only thing that can do away with these things is water sprayed with very high force so that the dust, mud, paint, grime etc is completely washed away. This is called high pressure cleaning or power washing. In this cleaning methos, the pressure depends on litres or gallons of water sprayed per minute. The pressure imposed is measured in pascals, bars or pounds per square inch.

How it works:

This cleaning procedure involves the use machines or high pressure washers that can generate pressure up to 30,000 pounds per square inch and sometimes more. These are a fusion of air compressor & hose. These are mostly gas or electricity fuelled. Cleaners with a set of four to five rotating jets rhythmically spraying water are used to clean surfaces. But some kinds of dirt need a more tough treatment. In such cases hydro-jet cleaners are used that easily remove dirt build-up.

Areas where high-pressure cleaning is required:

Brick Cleaning:

During construction or repair work of any building, vrious kinds of dirt like stains, mortar residues etc can remain on the bricks. High pressure cleaning can be applied on brick-work which is at least 3-4 days old. This should be done by an professional only since doing it in a wrong way will damage the mortar joints forever.

Driveway Cleaning:

Driveways may be infested with dirt and grime, algae, paint stains, rust, fungus etc. High-pressure cleaning is required to remove these.

Graffiti Removal:

Street art or graffiti is considered negative aesthetics. Spray paints can’t be removed easily. The force of pressure cleaning cleanses even the minutest amount of paint and dirt from porous concrete.

Roof Cleaning:

Roofs are open surfaces often exposed to the accumulation of dirt, algae, mould and even natural residues. Pressure washing effectively cleans these.

Pavers Cleaning:

Pressure cleaning pavers removes stubborn dirt, oil, grime etc. But the process essentially requires the intervention of a professional as pressure cleaning pavers, especially new ones, the wrong way can cause huge damage to them.

Cleaning concrete:

Cleaning concrete surfaces like a driveway requires pressure of at least 3000 pounds per square inch. This service is usually charged at rates per square foot.

Cleaning pool/BBQ areas:

A swimming pool is another type of concrete structure that requires pressure cleaning. It get rids of infectious algae easily. Moreover, if you often organize pool-side BBQ parties – your pool area must be filled with dirt, grime & oil. Thus pressure washing the area is the best option.

Stain Removal:

Difficult & stubborn stains on concrete can only be removed through pressure washing.

Color Sealing:

After pressure cleaning concrete surfaces like decks, they should be sealed. This brings back the new shine on them. Sealing is done at least 2-3 days after the cleaning procedure.

Pressure Washing Services Sydney

Pressure cleaning is at once a complex & dangerous job that can’t be performed by an amateur. Doing it the wrong way or applying the wrong pressure can damage the object you are cleaning. Use of high pressure also imposes danger on the person doing it. Thus one should depend on a professional service provider for the job.

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