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Forensic Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning Sydney: The mammoth task of wiping out a negative memory

Whoever thought that cleaning was a regular job, without a science behind it, definitely did not know about forensic or crime scene cleaning! Perhaps, the most complicated of all types of cleaning procedures, forensic cleaning, deals with challenges, to solve which technology, science & a lot of expertise is required.

What is the purpose of forensic cleaning?

Locations, where incidents like murders, suicides, accident, squalor, hoarding, gas leak etc have occurred, are the messiest of all. Such incidents usually occur where people live, work or venture often. Hence, restoring these spaces back to their original livable state, not reminiscent of any visual or biological evidence of the crime or accident is the main purpose of forensic cleaning.

Where is forensic cleaning required?

Places, where incidents like murders, suicides, unreported deaths etc take place, require specialized cleaning to eliminate all kinds of bio-hazardous contamination. Also, spaces with squalor and hoarding & places of deaths through a gas leak, accidents etc need to be cleaned!

Why are skilled personnel required for forensic cleaning?

For the following reasons, the intervention of experts is required for the job –

  • The procedure has to comply with the rules and regulations formulated by the government
  • A forensic scene is a repository of various infectious & bio-hazardous elements. The blood, body fluids present can contain bacteria, viruses & micro-organisms that may cause diseases like Hepatitis B, AIDS etc. Professional forensic cleaners know what precautions need to be taken & how such infectious need to be dealt with.
  • Demarcation of 3 cleaning zones, vaccination and wearing specialized suits, gloves, shoes & goggles to prevent contamination are some of the ways used by professional forensic cleaners to protect themselves.
  • Forensic cleaning is a complex process aided by scientific equipment. Not everyone has access to these or knows how to use them.

Expert Forensic Cleaners Sydney

Imagine a TV show or a movie where a murder takes place in someone’s bedroom. When the dramatic sequences are over the next scene shows the protagonists in the same room without the blood smeared on the walls or the lifeless body lying on the floor. Who cleaned it up? Well, the reel life may not delve into this but in real life, it is a matter of huge concern.

  • For the members of a family to clean up the mess from a crime is a colossal task taxed with an experience that is traumatic & stressful. The task requires skill, training & expertise. This is where we play a key role by providing the best quality service with forensic cleaning.
  • After decontamination & clean-up the place is restored to its previous state – a process often termed as ‘remediation’.
  • Most state rules render all body fluids & parts as bio-hazardous material. Our experts are trained to handle these & are educated to identify even the tiny bloodstain that may have camouflaged itself on your carpet.
  • Our professionals carry out a thorough clean-up & decontamination process that is not limited to the surface only.
  • Our specialist forensic cleaners have all special permits & come from medical backgrounds. They have the training & the nerves required to carry out the task.

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