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Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning a house into a home

People’s lifestyle in the 21st Century is very different from what it used to be even thirty years ago. People do not have the time to clean their own houses today. Both the man and the woman of the house are busy with their careers & jobs outside the house. No one has the time to run a cleanliness drive at home! Then what happens before a festival or a party when the house requires immediate cleaning? This is where we chip in! The dependable and professional services provided by us turn your house back to the beautiful home of your dreams and eliminates all your cleaning nightmares.

Domestic Cleaning Services Sydney

Cleaning a residential space, house, bungalow etc includes numerous processes which are collectively termed as domestic cleaning. Though the activity may sound less complicated than outdoor or commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning is a highly exerting activity and requires a lot of energy. That is why seeking the help of professional cleaning services is always a good option.

Some facets of domestic cleaning:


Over days dust accumulates over furniture, appliances, bookshelves & other household things. The dust penetrates deep and often vacuum is required to clean it.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning:

Carpets may be termed as a storehouse of germs & dirt. It’s a common practice to overlook the hygiene level of carpets. Cleaning such items involves certain scientific steps like vacuum or dry cleaning, dry stain removal, chemical treatment etc.

Oven & Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is the dirtiest place in many households. Ovens are often not cleaned in months but used every day. This is extremely unhealthy for the family members. Dirty kitchens also invite pests & insects that may contaminate the food. Cleaning a kitchen is not easy as it involves the removal of dirt mixed with grease.

Window Cleaning Services Sydney

Cleaning windows is a physically demanding activity and extremely time consuming. Professional cleaners are taught various techniques to make the process quick & easy. For example, professionals use a special micro-fiber mop that scrubs away all the dirt unlike a normal mop or towel.

Floor Scrubbing

It is a Herculean task to scrub the floor of a big living area or a king-size bedroom. Triple CCC Cleaning use different kinds of machinery & customized cleaning techniques depending on the kind of flooring you have. This leaves your floor surface shiny and squeaky clean.

Use of Chemicals in Bathrooms

Grandmas often say that bathrooms can be best cleaned by using acids. Through this is true to some extent, using acids may be very dangerous. Thus such chemicals should be handled only by professionals who are also equipped with protective gear. Our professional domestic cleaning services also involve usage of various kinds of disinfectants, alkaline solutions, and surfactants etc that are not available in a grocery or drug store.


Yards, sidewalks, lawns, garage and other exterior spaces need special attention & sometimes even tougher cleaning processes like pressure washing. This can only be done by professionals.

Cheap House Cleaners Sydney

So if you are tired with your week’s hard work & want to relax in the weekends instead of picking up the broom, you can depend on our house cleaning services. They are sure to make your guests jealous.

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