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Commercial Cleaning

A clean work-space is the key to success

Did you know that an unclean keyboard can carry 7,500 different kinds of germs? This can make your employees extremely ill for which they might miss work. A clean and well-maintained work environment ensures improved focus, less absenteeism and greater productivity. Commercial cleaning services can do this job for you.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning activities in a variety of establishments and premises like office spaces, industrial sites, warehouses, manufacturing units etc

What is the aim of commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning aims at taking care of the upkeep of a commercial or industrial space. An office or a factory site is visited by numerous people on a daily basis. Accumulation of dirt & dust in offices affects the work atmosphere and untreated hazardous chemicals in industrial zones can harm workers.

Commercial cleaning is a completely professional job:

  • Machinery & equipment constitutes a big part of the process. These machines can only be handled by trained individuals.
  • Cleaning walls, tiles, floors, windows etc are processes entirely different from the same in households. For example, maintaining floors does not end with swapping them. They need to be polished as well.
  • Cleaning windows and external walls of tall buildings & skyscrapers is a highly specialized activity to be performed by trained individuals only. They require aerial work platforms like scaffoldings or Boatswain’s chair etc
  • Commercial cleaning standards are set by the state & also the employer. These standards are usually very high.
  • Maintenance of sanitation is a complex & challenging process in commercial scenarios. From feminine hygiene maintenance to ensuring no dust even on the telephone receiver – all need to be taken care of!
  • Getting rid of industrial waste is a task that requires special techniques & gears.
Office Cleaning:

How clean or well-maintained your office is, is one of the factors deciding the productiveness of your employees. Office cleaning is also a process that needs to address the aesthetic appeal of the office space. A well-maintained office also impresses clients visiting it. Office cleaning process involves janitorial services like maintenance of washrooms, regular cleaning and polishing of floors, keeping carpets and upholstery dust & germ-free, maintenance of cafeteria, maintenance of parking area, cleaning computers, phones, and air-conditioner vents etc.

Industrial Cleaning:

Industrial cleaning is a more complex procedure than office cleaning as it involves the treatment of different kinds of wastes like hazardous chemicals, IT waste etc. Site-specific risk assessment is a part of the procedure. Some of the processes involved are cleaning machines and equipment, de-greasing floors, walls and machinery, cleaning cable trays, lighting, maintenance of staff and public areas etc

Cleaning and maintaining your offices, factories etc directly contribute to your business growth and success. Depend on our skill and expertise for the purpose.


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